BRANDON SEIFERT (he/him) is a writer and storyteller. He's known primarily for his Horror and Urban Fantasy comic books, including Witch Doctor and Clive Barker's Hellraiser.However, Brandon is presently branching out into other genres (he loves Sci-Fi!) and is seeking to "multiclass" in other storytelling media (including prose, tabletop roleplaying games, and scripted fiction podcasts).Brandon resides in Portland, Oregon, in a glorious vintage apartment that looks like a Film Noir detective's office. Current sources of dopamine include gorgeous Fantasy art books, his new standing desk/exercise bike pair, and buying Biblically-accurate angels on Etsy.

Works: Selected Bibliography

Selected comics projects that Brandon has written include:• The cult hit original series Witch Doctor for Skybound Entertainment/Image Comics
Disney Kingdoms: Seekers of the Weird for Marvel Comics (w/the Disney Imagineers)
Doctor Who, Godzilla In Hell and The Fly: Outbreak for IDW Publishing
Hellraiser for BOOM! Studios (co-written with Clive Barker)
The Harvester for Legendary Studios (w/former Legendary Entertainment CEO Thomas Tull)

Speaking: Panels, Podcasts & Interviews

Brandon's spoken on numerous convention panels, podcasts and print interviews, both about his work, on writing and comics in general. He's also spoken on folklore, including (on one memorable occasion) acting as a guest on a podcast about the "Werewolf Witch Trials" of the Early Modern Period!

Selected Podcast Interviews

Mostly Horror Podcast
The Weird History Podcast: Brandon Seifert on Werewolves
Doctor Who: Panel to Panel

Convention Panels

Unfortunately, videos of panels that Brandon's spoken on seem to be hard to find. But here's a list of conventions he's been a panelist at, comic cons and otherwise.

• San Diego Comic Con
• New York Comic Con
• Emerald City Comic Con
• HeroesCon
• WonderCon
• Rose City Comic Con
• H.P. Lovecraft Film Festival
• Many more!

Video Interviews

Works: In-Progress

After the acclaim of Witch Doctor, Brandon found additional success writing for characters that other people came up with. Writing Hellraiser, Godzilla and Doctor Who was a blast! But eventually, it because clear that this wasn't where Brandon's heart lived.So a few years ago, he set out in his own direction. Brandon had discovered that his joy in writing lay in telling the stories he wanted to tell, in the manner he wanted to tell them — about characters he'd co-created, himself!As of December 2022, the list of original projects that Brandon is dying to release is up to at least 17 projects long!In the future, this space will hold preview art and information about Brandon's future work — including projects that are looking for publishers.For now, Brandon reveals probably more than he should about his future projects on his Discord community.